Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Herbert Vojčík 8596ecafb3 0.5.2 3 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík b5d12551ab js files: .packages => .packageDescriptors 3 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 101d6f8669 Use packageAt:ifAbsent: in chunk exporter. 3 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 9d1ffac737 Do not compile in removed bw compatibility. 4 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 17397905e3 Remove recursion in context rendering. 9 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 82a81699e4 0.5.1 9 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 4118eb446a Bump codemirror. 9 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík a6ef923355 0.5.0 10 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík ba275861e1 Bump inter-library dependencies. 10 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 84d96386cc Next Amber release will be 0.19.0. 10 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík e0237eff0a Future proof: both `nil` and `$nil` in package prologue. 10 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík aed2936bad Compile both self and $self into method. 10 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 193f0fdfaa klass => a$cls 10 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík b4a6a44094 isNil => a$nil 10 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 514d4b24fa Release version 0.4.2. 10 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 5bbb6a85d4 Actually catch compiler errors. 10 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 4985166fd3 0.4.1 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík cf50796cc9 Recompile a method moved to protocol. Fix #1142. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 6608bc6e7b Show method trait in browser method pane. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 23997b6bac Export using changes in js exporter. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 21198871c2 Move to <inlineJS: '...'>. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 5d8e2ec831 Trait >> theMetaClass ^ nil 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 3ecb21fbe5 More use of `theMetaClass` instead of `class`. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 6b0093d669 Use Behavior >> definition, extract selClsOrMetaCls. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 9aa4db8d00 Update copyright clause. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík ee16e97938 Release 0.4.0. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík e36f8a341c Bump grunt-dev dependency. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 362c05f06b Repo url fix "git://" => "https://". 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík aff5f00013 TagBrush >> asDomNode, use it instead of element. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 1a906c88dd Recompile with ifs without trailing semicolons. 1 year ago