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  Herby Vojčík 8ad29c6d67 README: updates: @ambers org, debowerizing. 1 month ago
  Herby Vojčík 50b6cec493 Remove remains of `my/foo` structure. 1 month ago
  Herby Vojčík 4ed0991f60 Forgot small debowerizing detail. 1 month ago
  Herby Vojčík c7fc1d0a47 Be more lax with IDE requirements. 1 month ago
  Herby Vojčík dc086cea59 0.7.1 1 month ago
  Herby Vojčík 103e4c5f71 Dev dependencies added back. 1 month ago
  Herby Vojčík 3dd4510467 0.7.0 1 month ago
  Herby Vojčík c9852bb6d7 Debowerize. No devDependencies yet. 1 month ago
  Herby Vojčík a4dff6755d 0.6.3 1 month ago
  Herby Vojčík 5facb6e3ec Defensive end of line. 1 month ago
  Herby Vojčík e179c32e84 Move to use IDE starter from npm. 1 month ago
  Herby Vojčík 5a9bc2da0e Move require-css to npm. 1 month ago
  Herby Vojčík e1ad736c30 Modernize Amber infrastructure. 1 month ago
  Herby Vojčík 2217425a7e 0.6.2 4 months ago
  Herby Vojčík 00175e32e3 Browser: do not step by step compilation yourself. 4 months ago
  Herby Vojčík bf30e4a8eb Apply addToSequence to blocks. 4 months ago
  Herby Vojčík 7dc4e1388f 0.6.1 5 months ago
  Herby Vojčík cfb22d8d30 Use `Environment new` for adding inst var. 5 months ago
  Herby Vojčík 4a8af5817b 0.6.0 6 months ago
  Herby Vojčík eb2bfbe363 Bump amber dep to >=0.21.0. 6 months ago
  Herby Vojčík 8d24ab4616 Platform class >> includesGlobal: 6 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 8596ecafb3 0.5.2 10 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík b5d12551ab js files: .packages => .packageDescriptors 10 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 101d6f8669 Use packageAt:ifAbsent: in chunk exporter. 10 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 9d1ffac737 Do not compile in removed bw compatibility. 11 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 17397905e3 Remove recursion in context rendering. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 82a81699e4 0.5.1 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 4118eb446a Bump codemirror. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík a6ef923355 0.5.0 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík ba275861e1 Bump inter-library dependencies. 1 year ago