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  Herby Vojčík a1e3134d30 Niladic #jsOverride: pragma - super sends. 2 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 41fecf304b Bump scaffolding to 0.24.9. 3 days ago
  Herby Vojčík f3d4386d4a gitignore: comment the items 3 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 65b5afa98f Small fix. 3 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 9ce6b38e9d Method attachments: no need for IIFE. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík ef446ad94d Bump scaffolding to 0.24.8. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík b32fa374c4 README: Restructure library section. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík ea7cd2d4e6 README: Contribution section formatting. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík 08512c7ab9 README: Contribution needs amber tooling. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík d21478e460 Bump scaffolding to 0.24.7. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík dfe1fd4398 Comment the IDE dialog. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík 3980aaf7c4 Bump scaffolding to 0.24.6. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík 264bc5758a Gruntfile.js: less cbRequireAndPromiseMain. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík dea2172465 Revert to state of 0.24.4. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík 09c46ed043 Bump scaffolding to 0.24.5. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 9a1e4bc2cd Simplify Gruntfile.js. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 179b189839 Revert "Revert "Flatter loader code."" 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 2e11d4e754 Make the.js contains promise polyfill. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 70fa5c4a67 Bump scaffolding to 0.24.4. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 511324bc05 Revert "Flatter loader code." 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 0dc1d8efb3 Scaffolding: deps in alphabetical order. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík b918f86dbc Bump scaffolding to 0.24.3. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 49e9ecaafe New silk. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík f3257a8806 Next version will be minor bump. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 9c0962739b Squash compiler-related changes. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 38acbc5019 AstEarlyPragmator => AstSemanticPragmator. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 16ee1e6f21 TIRInlinedVisitor. Compiler-IR clear of inlining. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 1e1f4d32b9 Put implicit `^ self` to method sequence. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík ebf2869dd3 IRMethod manages some of aliasing logistics. 3 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík e8c2030575 IRAliasFactory instance in IRMethod. 3 weeks ago