Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Herby Vojčík ce49431311 Working on 0.23.0 20 hours ago
  Herby Vojčík 7ac5bbfe68 Recompile (while version set to 0.22.5) 20 hours ago
  Herby Vojčík 068d54c1f7 Release version 0.22.5 20 hours ago
  Herby Vojčík dd1355ccf3 adoptPackageDescriptors: Return a promise. 20 hours ago
  Herby Vojčík 13666037be postLoad: Actually _return_ the promise. 21 hours ago
  Herby Vojčík e4d742fde6 scaffolding: Bump version to 0.22.13. 1 day ago
  Herby Vojčík 6255627434 scaffolding: Bump dependencies. 1 day ago
  Herby Vojčík 8aec68f092 sdk: Bump version to 0.11.0. 1 day ago
  Herby Vojčík 3ba5601a84 sdk: Remove some deprecations. 1 day ago
  Herby Vojčík 696f7869dc sdk: Don't use es6-promise. 1 day ago
  Herby Vojčík 484e84e12f Fix NonBooleanReceiver. 1 day ago
  Herby Vojčík d787d00cc9 args is always array anyway 1 day ago
  Herby Vojčík e161b6a119 Add imports: where initialize uses foreign classes. 1 day ago
  Herby Vojčík 8d6353966d Fix node.js detection. 1 day ago
  Herby Vojčík ea0aa43b7a Retry postLoad until queue emptied. 2 days ago
  Herby Vojčík fd94988ebe Recompile with $pkg. 2 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 3547b5c96d Fix. 2 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 6fc82345f1 Compiled files: $pkg. 2 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 28f0108872 Package >> isReady 2 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 1629a209b0 Working on 0.23.0 4 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 1b9d60e22c Recompile (while version set to 0.22.4) 4 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 0e013ccb49 Release version 0.22.4 4 days ago
  Herby Vojčík b2047ce943 Numbering. 4 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 0dbc2292fd Revert "Remove kernel-level deprecations." 4 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 8ca9ca6d61 Revert "Remove deprecated piece." 4 days ago
  Herby Vojčík d0cd98f4c9 amber/helpers: loadPackages. 4 days ago
  Herby Vojčík b2eb917b0c Refactor. 4 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 09f73942b3 index.html: Refactor. 4 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 62053b6f7d index.html: Reorg. 4 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 70a5de6a8b Treat `Smalltalk postLoad` as possibly async. 4 days ago