Commit History

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  Herby Vojčík e756476b01 Set >> remove: works for non-prim arg. Fix #1245. 8 hours ago
  Herby Vojčík 5cbf8e633b Regression test for inlined receiver evaluation. 5 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 6ff24aaf97 Supersends are not inlined. 5 days ago
  Herby Vojčík f8053cd07c One more case for 1242 tests. 6 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 1693b5d526 Inlined empty closures return nil. Fix #1242. 6 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 50d9ab19d0 Extract #inlinedClosure:wrapFinalValueIn:. 6 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 0c5e81d566 Extract #flattenedReturn:. 6 days ago
  Herby Vojčík a65221487b Scopes: #can{Inline=>Flatten}NonLocalReturns 6 days ago
  Herby Vojčík ef1f6f1881 IRNonLocalReturnInliner. Fix #1244. 6 days ago
  Herby Vojčík df934a6387 drone: Use inst ../lang trick with instllable cli 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík 058bddef5d drone: check cli with actual lang 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík 761ee983c4 Fix: missing return. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík f0fb187fb6 Clean error handling. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík 2a02bf0789 Test for #isError. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík 812cfd448a TIsInGroup. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík 39a935f8a8 Remove outdated comment. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík e28758390d Use #visitAllChildren:. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík ccfdb6babd In various places, `arguments` is an array. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík b43e4fd824 Use source directly. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík c53ac06abc Pragmators are not visitors any more. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík a9299ca845 Forgot categorizing. 1 week ago
  Herby Vojčík 57b98cbef6 applySuperConstructorOn:withArguments: 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík c53dd9e50c Less strings. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 8b3314ae11 Compiler test contexts in traits. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 646a4cbe44 Separate tests from context they run in. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík a6f656c231 Remove unused method. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík 1d21b12c38 Method context: Fix missing method case. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík a130c62d26 Inline actOn:in:. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík e5fc38b726 TAST{Parsing,Compiling}Test. 2 weeks ago
  Herby Vojčík c9bbf6cb71 TClassBuildingTest. Clean Class[Builder]Test. 2 weeks ago