Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Herby Vojčík c8b4f3e220 Switch "my" model to "symlink via npm" model. 4 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 6345132342 .xxxignore files: cosmetic change 7 years ago
  Sebastian Sastre 95e0c1f268 The config.js file is in .gitignore 8 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík b44fc53b65 Extracting helios. 8 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 05aa47051d Clean .gitignore. 8 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 18012bb9ca Make .gitignore ignore npm/bower deps in any depth 8 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík fd2628a64f Using legacy test runner from amber-dev. 8 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 1d088fd7a5 Some more {js,st}=>src fixes. 9 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 5d1d304030 fix gitignore to take bower into account 9 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 3c40b3a75e .gitignore: adding grunt-produced test runner 10 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 0576b9ca33 .gitignore contains examples no more 10 years ago
  Manfred Kroehnert c54c41e227 Merge branch 'master' into grunt-dev 10 years ago
  Manfred Kroehnert beb0f4d6a9 .gitignore: remove duplicate node_modules entry 10 years ago
  JohnnyT 2bbef607e9 Added grunt commands to build Amber to a single file 10 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 6fb89d7252 - Mostly working AST interpreter 10 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 56c9cd0de1 ignore test/run.js 10 years ago
  JohnnyT 973e51b934 Cleaned up old files and amber.js 11 years ago
  Laurent Laffont 7caa3af0a4 merge with master 11 years ago
  Laurent Laffont 54d4945cd3 ignore .svn 11 years ago
  Laurent Laffont 8d51f31dc1 merge upstream + fix JSObjectProxy : yourself do not work anymore 11 years ago
  Laurent Laffont 9ba4c5cb98 sync with amber/master + ignore .svn dirs 11 years ago
  Göran Krampe 7e47705c1a Amberified some more files, fixed meta example. Deleted some needless js files, added gitignore file. 11 years ago