Commit History

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  Herby Vojčík f87b0b227d Add Exception >> pass and Exception >> outer. 3 days ago
  Herby Vojčík 2bff134394 ASTInterpreter / ASTDebugger fixes. 2 months ago
  Herby Vojčík 4400307d43 Remove older deprecations. 2 months ago
  Herby Vojčík cba5296e9a API-CHANGES: Formatting. 2 months ago
  Herby Vojčík b6e89fe6fe SmalltalkImage >> postLoad sweeps pkg descriptors. 2 months ago
  Herby Vojčík 088fa6cf34 Extract SmalltalkImage >> postLoad. 2 months ago
  Herby Vojčík b823fb6a70 Revert "Refactor "image" startup code." 2 months ago
  Herby Vojčík 5dd9ae3f5a Fix API-CHANGES. 2 months ago
  Herby Vojčík ceb306f7cd Refactor "image" startup code. 2 months ago
  Herby Vojčík 832734f731 Add Number >> ln1p. 3 months ago
  Herby Vojčík ca26024178 Make 'set parsed inst vars for metaclass' public. 3 months ago
  Herby Vojčík c1d084c1a8 Add JSObjectProxy >> {null,undefined}. 4 months ago
  Herby Vojčík d1b0a15398 Platform class >> includesGlobal: 4 months ago
  Herby Vojčík f359328555 Add Number >> bitNot 4 months ago
  Herby Vojčík 24cacdc89b API additions from Braden Shepherdson. 4 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 752712e7a1 API-CHANGES cleaning. 9 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 32e88bb3fa kernel: .classes => .traitsOrClasses. 9 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 99ec415ceb kernel: Remove deprecated field. 9 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 2381850a5c API-CHANGES: forgotten api of 0.19.0 added 10 months ago
  Steven Rémot 3ee20b0b23 Add new methods in API-CHANGES.txt 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík c0a7e4556c Forgot API. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 596d090e95 Typo fix. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 74d7197b66 Fix package rename bugs. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 105f4f4c75 kernel: OrganizeBrik is a thing of a past. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 62f501a527 Do not organize methods in kernel. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík b37a0c15fd {Behavior,Trait} >> basicOrganization 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 245b334405 Get rid of basicXxx in Package. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 6edba6242a Compiler class >> eval: 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík a7a8782b31 Slightly refactor bootstrapping the packages. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 515d35e54a Deprecate SmalltalkImage >> packageAt:. 1 year ago