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  Herby Vojčík e24dac58d1 CONTRIBUTING: slack out, in 3 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík 735d9a4b41 CONTRIBUTING: some updates 8 months ago
  Herbert Vojčík fc4c4b59ef Remove some github urls. 2 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 84048faec3 new cli with peerDependencies install other tools as siblings itself 3 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 2287922d82 CONTRIBUTING: "npm install for external/amber-dev" step 3 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík d5b41151dd CONTRIBUTING: Wording 3 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 2b729f9a21 amber-attic => amber-contrib-legacy; ns: amber/legacy 3 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík e6af1ba85a Updating "how to clone" w/ attic 3 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 8e1df58a03 Rewording and 3 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 9bc7de5e20 CONTRIBUTING:`grunt amdconfig`, not `amber config` 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton d4b0da137a Update 4 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík b594fd952c Hopefully more clear wording on how to get Helios 4 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 46758ef8f7 Remove helios-only dependencies from amber. 4 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík b44fc53b65 Extracting helios. 4 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 0efe3ad099 CONTRIBUTING: Parts of repo 4 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík c6aa7f4134 Getting things for developers _of Amber_ out of root. 4 years ago
  Sean DeNigris d73fff8305 Enhance Setup your Amber clone 4 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík b71a19e9ef Added "update API-CHANGES" to contributing guide 4 years ago
  Manfred Kröhnert 9b25ac897a How to build Amber with Grunt 4 years ago
  Manfred Kröhnert a22bd6ad3c Unittests are not an absolute hard requirement 4 years ago
  Manfred Kröhnert 1d6db0997c First version of 4 years ago
  Manfred Kröhnert aa65b95501 Create 4 years ago