Herby Vojčík 181d8d429f Use `global` global variable. 2 weeks ago
grunt-tasks 46bce5ee0e jshint: directive to ignore generated parser.js 5 months ago
images 15e7a26415 Deprecate amber_css, {css.images} -> support/resources 3 years ago
RELEASING.md c6aa7f4134 Getting things for developers _of Amber_ out of root. 3 years ago
index.html 181d8d429f Use `global` global variable. 2 weeks ago
local-amberc 72c8a417ef internal/local-amberc executable 3 years ago
local-amberc.bat 09071bf36a Rename to internal/amberc[.sh] to internal/local-amberc[.sh] 3 years ago
release-worker.sh 11b5e496eb Fix error happening in release script. 1 year ago
release.sh 83b3706722 amberc, release.sh, setversion.sh are executable 3 years ago
setversion.sh 38815caeb2 No version field in bower.json. 1 year ago