Commit History

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  hhzl 38febba3e4 amber-contrib-legacy as dependency 7 years ago
  hhzl 6488c00c0a Update to Amber 0.14.3 7 years ago
  Hannes Hirzel 49f2b5f38e Merge pull request #28 from hhzl/master 7 years ago
  hhzl c7831e4c08 Update to Amber 0.14.3 7 years ago
  Hannes Hirzel 51a890d2ef Merge pull request #27 from mockturtl/patch-1 7 years ago
  mockturtl 9f178258fd fix syntax error 7 years ago
  Tom Rake 08cc53827a Merge pull request #20 from tomrake/master 7 years ago
  Thomas Rake dfdf6ebc8f Removed bower.json private attribute. 7 years ago
  hhzl c3f493f3b7 amber-attic in deploy.js 7 years ago
  Hannes Hirzel 95a8923830 Merge pull request #14 from hhzl/master 7 years ago
  hhzl eb6f9d0923 make amber-attic a dependency 7 years ago
  Hannes Hirzel e5d33dde20 Merge pull request #12 from hhzl/master 8 years ago
  hhzl 0a9fe9a2a0 added ^ for amber and amber-attic version 8 years ago
  Hannes Hirzel a5468388b5 Note added 8 years ago
  hhzl 98d2f35e59 updated to Amber 0.14.1 8 years ago
  Hannes Hirzel ed19f10c8f Link to 8 years ago
  Hannes Hirzel f9f39ad1b0 No sudo remark 8 years ago
  Hannes Hirzel fbe5e53518 Update 8 years ago
  Hannes Hirzel 2de3e22ad9 Prerequisites added 8 years ago
  Hannes Hirzel a9996bc7c9 Merge pull request #3 from tomrake/to-0.14.0 8 years ago
  Thomas Rake 33728fefd8 Update amber-dev version; removed dynamic method #goToNextLesson 8 years ago
  Thomas Rake 9445db904f Make repo more module like - removed config.js and the.js from version control. 8 years ago
  Thomas Rake 1acc25cf2c Changed iterator lesson not to use "Smalltalk current" 8 years ago
  Thomas Rake 2711827c30 Convert to amber 0.14.0 8 years ago
  Hannes Hirzel f2ef0b983e Link to 8 years ago
  Thomas Rake c405849330 Run grunt devel 8 years ago
  Thomas Rake 48f390ae87 update bower.json to use amber 0.13.2 8 years ago
  Thomas Rake 757d76adbe Add config.js and the.js 8 years ago
  Thomas Rake 62a5572722 Fixed method compile message send. 8 years ago
  Thomas Rake 4d93d351f6 trysmalltalk as a module 8 years ago