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Prof Stef

Smalltalk tutorial "Prof Stef" for Amber

Getting Started

Install Amber and create an Amber project, as shown in Amber Instructions.

Use ProfStef as a library in a client project

If not already present, create a client project in an empty directory with amber init.

In a client project, run

npm install @ambers/prof-stef --save
grunt devel
amber serve

Go to http://localhost:4000/ in your browser and in all packages that use ProfStef, add 'profstef/ProfStef' to the package imports, save the change and commit the package. Reload.


To bring project alive (for example after git clone):

npm run init

Developing the project (after brought alive):

Start server with amber serve and go to http://localhost:4000/ in your browser and follow the instructions