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  Herbert Vojčík 3ee91162df Update copyright clause. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 1290df32be 'use strict' in function, not to break builders 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík dc53755af1 use strict 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík ba69d78bba Appease jshint. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 2ee3e82330 Fuck UMDs, none work with requirejs. Use babel simple-amd. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík a247870a36 Use brikz.js name for UMD file as well. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 8d6ae8696e initKey only run once if .once is true 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 6b2bb69f16 UMD version in brikz.umd.js. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík e59cd1fa63 Update README. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 4fd7d37e71 explicit .deps, ensure not published 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík c72da378df tabs => spaces 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 632a8fb65c Formatting. 1 year ago
  Herbert Vojčík 15f8786d94 appeasing JSHint 3 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 8a50b5a56c mixin({} ,x, x) did not clear x, but was meant to 4 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 9a6db9e0ea not relying on enumerable: false 4 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík fac7123da6 note on `null`ed parts removed on `rebuild` call 5 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík be1c0e258b Basic documentation 5 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 1a1e754419 refactoring 5 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík fcd0451f59 __init__ launched in dependency order 5 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 357893c22b api treated differently, mixin misses undefineds 5 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 4dddd1e248 ensure returns the brik 5 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík c24426432f Create brikz.js 5 years ago
  Herbert Vojčík 8299bf906f Initial commit 5 years ago