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Deprecated. Integrated into amber/amber monorepo.

For the moment, grunt-init scaffolding is part of the "monorepo" of amber along with lang, cli and sdk; keeping its own package.json and npm identity. In the future, different system than grunt-init may be used to init the projects.

Amber Smalltalk application generator.

The intention of this tool is to automate the creation of Amber projects. This tool is based on grunt-init.

It is conveniently integrated into the @ambers/cli commandline tool, which should be preferred over using this project directly with grunt-init.

Installation and initial getting started instructions can be found here.

Read on if you insist on doing it the grunt-init way

Please note that @ambers/cli performs some additional project creation steps which you will be missing if you continue this way.

Install grunt-init if you have not already done so.

Place this template in your ~/.grunt-init/ directory using the following command:

git clone git:// ~/.grunt-init/amber

Windows users, see the grunt-init documentation for the correct directory destination

At the command-line, change into an empty directory, run this command and follow the prompts.

grunt-init amber

Note: this template will generate files in the current directory, so be sure to change to a new directory first if you do not want to overwrite existing files.