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Tutorial to learn Smalltalk, on-line here

This project is an Amber Smalltalk example. Amber may run in a web browser or as a command line program.

Tools needed

  1. A web browser with reasonably good support for HTML5 canvas.
  2. git, on Windows Git for Windows
  3. nodejs. This will give you the node package manager npm as well.
  4. A global install of the amber-cli npm package
  5. A global install of the bower client side package manager in order to install the dependencies
  6. A global install of the grunt-cli task runner which is used as the command line build system

The amber, bower and grunt-cli packages can be installed with the following command:

npm install --global amber-cli bower grunt-cli

or as short form:

npm i -g amber-cli bower grunt-cli


Getting Started

Bring project alive (for example after git clone):

npm install
bower install
grunt devel

Developing the project (after brought alive):

Start server with amber serve and go to http://localhost:4000/ in your browser and follow the instructions